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SmartBoard ST + SpeedUp16+

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During the winter months I have combined my SmartBoard for ST with a 16MHz 68000 speeder (SpeedUp16+).
The speeder comes without L1 cache so the boost is just marginal (+13%) in respect to a standard ST. SmartBoard ST on the other hand comes with 4/18/16MB SIMM and with 60ns or 70ns RAM it can be accessed much faster than the standard ST-RAM, but an 8MHz CPU cannot benefit from that. This time the CPU is the weakest link of the chain. So by tweaking SmartBoard a little bit and introducing FastLINK the results are quite impressive even with a 16MHz CPU without cache I think.
GEMBench has been loaded into the faster AlternateRAM on SmartBoard. That's why the benchmark result for RAM access is quite high. Access to ST-RAM is the same as on a standard ST.
SpeedUp16 @ 16MHz without FastLINK.gif
SpeedUp16 @ 16MHz with FastLINK.gif
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